Switching it Up with NSX-T

A discussion of some of the new features of NSX-T including the Geneve protocol, and a demo of creating a Virtual Distributed Switch, a host, and adding an application to the host. Part 1 of 3 on NSX-T

Womens Hackathons!

I had the opportunity to participate in the University of Missouri Saint Louis Women’s Hackathon. During this all day event students were paired with mentors and peers with all different experience levels. Our challenge- create a software or application that empowers women, or increases the safety of women.   UMSL has one of the best… More Womens Hackathons!

5 Years into SDN, it is Here, it is Real and It is a Fast Moving Train

At a recent trade show, someone referred to me as a software-defined networking veteran. This struck me as odd, because I’ve only been talking about SDN for five years, but also as being true — because I’ve been studying it for five years. I started speaking about this technology because it was so clear to… More 5 Years into SDN, it is Here, it is Real and It is a Fast Moving Train

Bill Nye- Change the World

Bill Nye, was just one of the keynote speakers during todays session here in Nashville at CommvaltGO. One of the statements that stood out was the way that we as techies are responsible for proper data management, we are responsible for using technology for good. The ability to connect nations across the world and improve… More Bill Nye- Change the World