2 thoughts on “ACI vs. NSX or is it ACI + NSX

  1. Nice video, but a quick suggestion – you might want to update your statement “nsx requires vsphere” – this was true in 2013, however today I understand nsx supports VM, BM, and container workloads across multiple hypervisors (kvm and esx) as well as non-virtualized operating systems. Cisco has the whole world convinced via the red kool-aid that they are the only ones who can support “bare-metal”, like you said, best to not always just check with the vendor 🙂

    1. Thank you, I should edit to say if using a hypervisor it must be VSPHERE. NSX-T adds a lot of features but we also lose some. It is always hard to do a comparison since things change frequently. I believe the best advice is that the best solution or using both really depends on the specific situation and goals. Thank you for the feedback.

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